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Date:2017-9-14 14:09

PVC steel pipe is made of new PVC reinforced materials, has been a very good improvement in the compression capacity and hardness. The main types of steel pipe in the market are high-pressure steel pipe, low-voltage steel pipe, steel frame tube and transparent steel pipe and so on. They are used in different environments by several different ways , The PVC steel pipe is now the most widely used product.
According to the use, PVC steel hose can be divided into industrial grade (special transport of industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade (food factory transport juice, milk, edible water, winery to send liquor, beer , Etc.), wind power, water and drainage, oil, low concentrations of chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder materials. Regardless of the use, the substance itself must be a "non-corrosive" "low-concentration chemical" substance.
PVC steel pipe is PVC hose with embedded steel skeleton. Transparent, no bubbles, fluid transmission is clearly visible; low concentration of acid and alkali, high elasticity, easy aging, long life; high pressure, in high pressure vacuum can remain intact.
1, high elasticity, high strength galvanized wire, high quality PVC synthetic material;
2. Clear and transparent body, good flexibility, bending radius is small;
3. High resistance to high pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life;
4. Used in agricultural water pump machinery, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, industrial, engineering, mining, food manufacturing and other fields of liquid, gas, oil, dust suction row.          

Most work environments can replace rubber pipes.          

Range of temperature: -10~+90

working pressure: 0.4Mpa

bursting pressure: 1.2MPa          

PVC steel hose include mainly threading hose, drain hose, ventilation hose, sprinkler hose, wire harness tube.          

According to the main material is divided into stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose. Threading hose, threading hose, mainly galvanized steel belt, stainless steel belt, PA, PE, PP and other plastic materials made of hose.           Application: wire and cable protection in aviation equipment, Metro, train, automatic control industry, such as mechanical manufacturing, electrical threading, hose insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, Metro, train and automation control. Features: good flexibility, anti-distortion, good bending performance, can withstand heavy load; acid, lubricating oil, coolant and so on, the surface gloss, friction resistance. Can withstand the foot pressure, not broken, unchanged type, can quickly recover, and without any damage.

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