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Date:2017-12-18 09:29

PVC water pump hose


With the increase of population, water resources supply becomes more and more intense, our irrigation, PVC water pump hose and other related transport channels are directly affect our production tubing industry related benefits, more let us continue from the technical research and innovation, make efforts to create a better water transportation resources. The PVC water pump hose has a very important position in the pipe industry. Its most representative feature is that the weight of the pipe is very light and is convenient for mobile handling. The inner wall of the reinforced tube of the latex fiber is very smooth and not easy to hang on the stains. PVC water pump hose with corrosion resistant property, when subjected to external corrosion in different degrees are better able to maintain its physical properties is not changed, largely increasing the service life.           

PVC water pump hose in the decoration construction, the workers are very convenient to install. pump hose is the biggest characteristic of PVC in relatively reduced mechanical equipment in damage processing operation caused by friction and wear, because between mechanical equipment and pipe is easy to cause the pipe, then need to add the lubricant in the pipe to protect the pipe surface. With the rapid development of China's modern economy, the company actively develops its own advantages, is committed to technological innovation, and develops and produces PPR polyurethane insulation pipes, air conditioning polyurethane insulation pipes, stainless steel insulation pipes and other pipes.



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