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Date:2017-12-19 09:32

PVC lay flat discharge hose


We have used PVC lay flat discharge hose to know that if the layflat hose is used in the process of degumming and leaking, it basically declares that the layflat hose is scrapped. Then we need to know what causes the PVC lay flat discharge hose degumming and water leakage and how to avoid these factors.           

There are two main reasons for water degumming, one of which is not suitable to choose PVC lay flat discharge hose model, if the hose type selection than the actual working pressure too low, it will cause in the use of the process because the pressure is not enough and may lead to unglued, Water Leakage; is pure quality problems, such as poor material lead to water poor quality.           

Generally speaking, the durability of PVC lay flat discharge hose is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the service life of layflat hose, the compression performance, and whether there will be any water leakage after a period of time. The material can determine the life of PVC lay flat discharge hose, and the material selected is good enough to ensure the durability of the water hose, ensure the anti-aging ability of the water hose, and do not cause the water leakage of the water hose when used normally. PVC high temperature resistant water hose, using high strength polyester filament weaving, can ensure the working pressure of the pipe belt, and the life of polyester filament is relatively long, which can ensure that the water belt can still have enough working pressure after a period of time.



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