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Flexible PVC hose China manufacturer

Date:2018-1-10 09:55

PVC Anti-Kink Water Garden Hose Polyspring Wire Reinforced PVC Hose Spring Vinyl Platice Hose

Chinase plastic pipe production capacity reaches 3 million tons, mainly including three main categories, PVC hose, PE and PP R pipeline. PVC hose is the largest market share of plastic pipe, accounting for nearly 70% of the total plastic pipe share. PVC hose production line more than 1600, annual production capacity of more than 2 million 500 thousand tons, in 2003, PVC hose (pipe) annual output of about 1200000 tons. In the plastic pipe, the share of PVC is 70%, PE accounted for 25%, PP-R accounted for 4%, other 1%.           

Although the rapid development of PVC hose has attracted many enterprises to invest in this industry, there are only more than 70 domestic producers (more than 2000), with an annual capacity of 10 thousand tons, with an annual output of more than 30 thousand tons and more than 20 enterprises and 60% industry output.           

As a whole, there are many small caliber and low value-added pipeline enterprises in China, and there are few enterprises with large caliber and high technical content. The distribution of the processing capacity of PVC hose has a problem of structural unreasonable. The processing ability of small and medium-sized enterprises is mainly concentrated in the PVC drainage hose, while a large number of non - standard tubes are still flooded with the market, which leads to the disorder and disorder of the market competition.           

In some traditional PVC hose, PE and PP-R alternative obvious momentum. The ban of other varieties on market share and the ban of lead stabilizers in PVC hose which are in contact with food products will have a negative impact on the development of PVC hose. In particular, PVC raw materials generally account for 70-80% of total cost. The price change of main raw materials PVC has a significant impact on enterprises. After 1998, capacity expansion, market competition intensified, prices fell, PVC raw material prices rose, and industry profits declined. Many small and medium enterprises struggling to survive Jerry shoddy. The PVC hose itself has a large waste of transportation and loading space, and the new road traffic regulations have been introduced to further improve the transportation cost.

PVC Anti-Kink Water Garden Hose Polyspring Wire Reinforced PVC Hose Spring Vinyl Platice Hose

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