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PVC Layflat Hose for Drip Irrigation

Date:2018-1-12 14:34

high pressure agricultural irrigation flexible pump water PVC Yellow/Blue/Red Irrigation Lay Flat Hose/Pipe/Tube

PVC Layflat Hose for Drip Irrigation is used to irrigate crops such as fruit trees, tea gardens, litchi, bananas, nursery, fields, flowers and greenhouse cultivation crops on flat or hillside land. It has the advantages of increasing production, saving fertilizer, saving water and saving time. In addition, the sprinkler zone is less used for installation, collection and transportation. It is the lowest price in various irrigation systems at present.           

PVC Layflat Hose for Drip Irrigation, although very saving water resources, but we should also pay attention to the management of water use in the use.           

1, every year before irrigation season, annual water consumption plan should be worked out according to the designed irrigation quota and irrigation cycle, and the crop planting situation and meteorological and water sources.           

2. Before each irrigation, the work plan should be compiled according to the water use plan of the sprinkler irrigation belt and the actual situation. Each irrigation should be recorded according to the operation plan.           

The working principle of PVC Layflat Hose for Drip Irrigation is to deliver water pressure through the water delivery pipe and micro nozzle to the field, which requires that the micro spray belt has good water resistance and flow uniformity.           

1, water resistance performance regulation: sprinkler belt at 1.2 times rated working pressure, sprinkler tape under 1.8 times rated working pressure, keep 1 hours, spray irrigation belt and its outlet shall not be damaged. After pressure relief, the deviation of the average flow rate relative to the rated flow is not more than 10% under the rated pressure.           

2. the uniformity of flow rate stipulates that under rated working pressure, the deviation of the average flow rate of the non-pressure compensating micro spray belt relative to the rated flow should not be more than 7%. The maximum flow and minimum flow rate of the pressure compensating sprinkler outlet at the boundary of the compensation area should be no more than 15%, and the deviation between the average flow at the outlet and the rated flow should not be greater than 7%.

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