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PVC Twin Welding Hose

Date:2018-9-12 14:11


PVC Twin welding air hose are mainly used for oxygen / acetylene gas welding; inert gas (such as argon gas and helium gas etc.



High pressure resistant, oil resistant and durable

1. Toughness: the special processing of polyester and polyester twist yarn, in the middle layer of the hose fully textile manufacturing products, so the product with high breaking pressure.

2. Solid: The PVC layer and polyester thread layer can be adhered to by special engineering technology., so there is no separation between the inner and outer layers of the pipe and the phenomenon of starting.

High toughness and anti-aging:

3. Durability: After using special materials, fine filtration and perfect quality management system to produce products, so the product have a longer life.

4. Softness: Excellent workmanship, Strong bonding between inner and outer layers, reduced the hardness of PVC hose, no bending creases, strong toughness, so the product is not only smooth but also soft of the four seasons .

5. Oil resistant and durable: the main material of the product is special PVC, which has good oil resistance.


PVC Twin Welding Hose has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, tensile resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, soft and light, durable.


Using of the product introduction:

High pressure resistant and oil resistant, so PVC Twin Welding Hose can be used as inflatable pipes, water pipes, pneumatic tools, air compressors and so on.

Industry: factories, ship maintenance and construction plants, oil platforms, etc.

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