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Date:2017-9-13 14:11

PVC hose, we often meet some problems in the production. Do you know the solution? Eastop plastic production company tell you.

First, the surface of the hose is dull.

Problems: die temperature is too low; die wall is not dry; net ƒ compressed air supply or leakage

Solutions: to increase appropriately the temperature; clean up the die; increase the gas supply or check the leak and repair

Second, the hose wall thickness is not uniform.
problems: ore mold and die positioning is not correct; plasticized uneven; traction is not normal; compressed air instability; head temperature instability
solutions: adjust the core mold and die center position; check the traction device; gas supply system smooth; strengthen the control of plasticizing system; check the head heating device is intact, and make the head around the temperature stability.

Third, the hose surface black lines
problems: uneven dispersion of raw materials; raw materials are poor mobility. the temperature is too high in fist parts and filter. head filter and shunt version of the poor structure; filter is not clean.
solutions: enhanced mixing to improve the dispersion performance; improve the raw material formula; appropriately to reduce the temperature; check the filter and shunt; clean up the filter
Fourth, the PVC hose surface wrinkles and ripples
problems: die temperature is too high or uneven heating; cooling stereotypes lack of water supply; the water temperature is high; traction speed is too slow. die output is not uniform
solutions: Check the heating device; reduce the temperature appropriately; increase the water supply; increase the speed of traction; adjust the gap
Five, hose inner wall cracks.
problems: raw materials mixed with impurities; core mold temperature is low; barrel temperature is low;  traction too fast; too much lubricant.
solutions: to pretreatment of raw materials: to improve the core mold temperature; to improve the cylinder temperature; slow down the traction speed; adjust the formula.

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